Weekend Getaway

Mister and I took a road trip last Wednesday.  And while it was TECHNICALLY  road trip, it was more for business and serious matters than pleasure.  Except for the fact that we made it about pleasure as soon as the business part was taken care of.

It took for.ev.er. to get up to the deeps bowels of the semi-northern New England, but we made it.  After a quick stop in Salem for a family matter dealing with Mister’s ex-wife, we rushed out to the woods of New Hampshire, where Mister’s parents have a home and a few acres of land to play around on.

And when I tell you it was amazing?  I’m not kidding.  In fact, amazing doesn’t even quite cover it.

I’d never been to the REAL New Hampshire.  Actually, I have.  Just not this part.  So my first trip up to the House in the Woods (HITW) was really a barrel of monkeys.  Mister’s parents were up there, with their dog, and we had Puppy with us.  And as soon as we pulled into their driveway, a relaxing aura enveloped us, and we were fine.

The trees.  The solitude.  The freedom.  The smells.  The sounds.  I can’t even begin to describe how relaxed I felt there.  It was as if I had been going there my whole life. 

We looked at the stars in the pitch black night.  We climbed a mountain to pick blueberries and see the amazing view from the top.  We, well Mister and Puppy really, swam in the lake-pond and reclined in the sun on the deck.  Not to mention one of THE hottest shags we’ve ever had on that deck, out in the middle of the pond.  And, I’ll admit, I probably say that about ALL our shag sessions.  But who doesn’t love it out in the middle of nowhere with the sun beating down on you?

We played games with Mister’s parents, and had a wonderful breakfast Sunday morning before we left.

Mister and I never usually get the chance to get away, and when we do, we do it road trip style.  Mister made an excellent point about the way we travel as we were travelling:

When we’re home, we’re always so busy, and that’s just the way it is.  But when we travel together, and we can spend a full 24 hours together – just us – it’s the most fun we ever have.

And I’m pretty sure there was something in there about us being epic.  Face it.  We can’t get rid of each other.  It’s gross.  And really nice.

On the flipside, girlfriend is EXTREMELY interested in getting together.  In fact, that’s all she was texting me about.  all. weekend. long.

But that is utterly besides the point.

Because.  My husband and I had a lovely weekend getaway in a place that he’s loved all throughout his life (since his parents have had HITW).  And it was absolute perfection.


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