Kids Say the Funniest Things


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As I mentioned in a previous post, Mister and I spent the weekend up in the woods, away from everything at his parents place.  During our awesome when we climbed a mountain, swam in a pond and hiked a trail, Mister and I took Puppy along with us for most of our activities.  Including the hike up the mountain to pick blueberries. 

It was a really beautiful day.  Mister had a small container around his neck to collect blueberries, which only got about half full.  The reason is because for every blueberry he put into his container, about six or seven would end up eaten.  He ate so many he said he got a stomach ache.


After blueberry picking, we climbed further up to a tower at the top of the  mountain, where you could see so much of the beautiful, green, uncivilized horizon.  Blueberries and Puppy in tow.

The fun thing about Puppy is that she attracts people.  Come on, who doens’t want to pet the world’s cutest puppy? 

There was a family of four – mom, dad, and two young boys around the age of 2 and 4.  The older boy had made a big deal about Puppy, and how cute she was, while keeping his distance.  The younger boy froze as soon as he saw Puppy.  We tend to keep Puppy on a tight leash whenever she’s around people, just in case she gets excited and jumps or barks.  Nobody likes a barking dog, and not everybody is okay with the ones that jump, too.

So, we smiled at the family and waved to the little boys, and walked passed them, keeping Puppy tightly leashed so she wouldn’t get excited.  With our backs to the family, the older boy ran over to his brother and started yelling to his mom:

LOOK, Mom!  I came to GET him from the puppy!

And he was so proud that he was protecting his little brother.  And Mister and I both burst out laughing.  We heard the mom and dad laughing, too.  How could you not laugh?  It was bloody hysterical! 

I came to get him from the puppy.

It’s such a great phrase, and the fact that this little boy was so protective of his brother and so proud that he was getting him from the puppy just put a smile on both our faces.

I must say, and this is a little cliche, but kids say the darndest things.

And I can’t wait until we have some of our own.


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