TWTG: When a Cold Thwarts Your Sex Life

TG has been sick with a cold for a few days.  Which is less than fun.  She’s horny and extremely vocal about it.  Which is awesome.  It just makes the day when we FINALLY meet up totally worth it.  Totally.

TG:  I swear someone is intentionally thwarting my sex life.
ME:  Lol Sorry
TG:  Not your fault.  Have the house all to myself and all 3 solid plans for sex fell through.  This has happened everytime except one.
ME:  Awwww I’m sorry.  That sucks.
TG:  The irony is he was going to come down Saturday but I was sick so we cancelled.  Now he is sick with the very same thing.  Go figure.  Oy.

It’s too bad that TG is sick.  I don’t think we would have hooked up recently anyway.  Mostly because Mister and I have been doing so much travelling.

But she has been great for our sex life.  Mister has been reading and getting excited over some of our naughtier texts.  The keyword here is STAMINA.  Yup.  And I would also accept rock solid.  And I’m not the only culprit when it comes to talking dirty.  She can definitely keep up to speed.

ME: You’re too cute.
TG:  I’m cuter in bed, maked, swimming in blankets and juices.
ME:  I’ll bet.
TG:  I was starting to fall asleep when visions of rubbing your pussy popped into my head.  Sufficiently harder to sleep now.
ME:  So glad I could help.
ME:  Just thinking about rubbing my pussy against yours.
TG:  Oooo la la.  Work today?
ME:  Sadly yes.
TG:  I think you should call out sick.  lol
ME:  Thinking about fucking you while riding a hard cock
ME: Sorry about the language.  I’m just really horny and craving pussy.

Yup.  She’s a hottie.  Now I get to sit at work and think about all the things I COULD be doing.


The Husband/Girlfriend Conundrum

What do you do when your husband desperately wants you to sleep with another woman?  Why, you get a girlfriend, of course.

Mister has been going back and forth with me, probably since we got back together in December 2008, about whether or not he wants to have a 3some. 

Truth: I was a little bisexual in high school.

Truth: I still find women attractive.

Truth: I want to please my husband.

And in looking at those truths, I have agreed to do something that I may or may not be comfortable with.  My comfortability has yet to be determined, actually.

However, keeping in mind that I am possibly, maybe okay with the idea of a 3some, I do have some pretty specific boundaries taht I don’t want to have crossed for fear of ruining my marriage by either him leaving me for another woman, or the equally likely me leaving him for another woman.  But, in my opinion, we’ll jump off that bridge when we get there.

For now, though, I still have some questions.  Both of myself and of the situation.

Question: Am I really into this or am I just blowing smoke because it’s fun?

Question: How can this be accomplished so that I am comfortable and Mister is happy?

Question: Who will the girl be?

All very important questions.

What I did not like about our current situation is that it felt like Mister was going behind my back.  And that was hurtful.  He is eager to get this endeavor off the ground, and I can’t blame him.  He’s a guy.  He has a fantasy.  Who wouldn’t want to push to get what they want… But in my opinion, there is a right way to go about it and a wrong way to go about it.

In my opinion, Mister went about it in the wrong way, BUT in the end it’s working out MUCH differently than I ever would have imagined.  Girlfriend is flirting fast and furious.  Mister is so incredibly turned on by my Texting with the Girl (TWTG).  All I want to do is make sure that I am able to maintain a healthy relationship with my husband meanwhile pleasing him and having a girlfriend to do so in the process.

My question to pose to all of you, Gentle Readers, is this:

How do you feel about the idea of a Threesome?  What is more important in maintaining a healthy relationship?  Would you do something JUST to please your significant other even if you weren’t comfortable with it?

TWTG: Things I’d Rather Being Doing Other than Work

Time for the next installment of Texting with the Girl.  Let’s just say that we’ve been talking non-stop since Friday.  And it’s been a serious amount of fun.

She’s so full of energy, and really super spunky, and I’m guessing a spitfire in the sheets.

Please note that some of this may be NSFW

TG: Why do you never want to eat the food you have at home, yet no other food sounds appetizing either?
ME: LOL. Yo no se… I do that all the time.
ME: Finally at work… And there’s piles of crap on my desk
TG: Haha. Good, so it’s not just me. Juicy pussy sounds appetizing.
ME: You know… I’m at work, & I see a text like that and I suddenly don’t want to be at work anymore lol
ME: And I agree 🙂
TG: Lol
ME: It’s bad enough I didn’t want to be here in the first place lol
TG: Lol. I was gonna say. I could probably send you a text that says “boo” and you’d still want to leave.
ME: Hahahahaha you’re right, but thinking about juicy pussy is waaaaaay more fun 😉
TG: Oh yeah. I have a juicy pussy and toys to put in it isn’t bad either.
ME: Ooh, you’re really turning me on 😉 I would love to be on the other end of those toys
TG: Well if you were here the toys would just be extra.
ME: Hmm… Yes. There are so many things to do without toys

Needless to say, that conversation went on for much longer giving more details about all the things she’d like to do to me, and the things she’d like fo rme to do to her.

Soooo…. I’m going to remain distracted today.

Texting with the Girl

As I’m going through this whole new experience, I do want to play around with some of the texts we’ve sent back and forth.  This won’t be  an everyday thing, but at least once a week, I’d like to update this segment, TWTG.

From Yesterday:

TG: You’d think I’d be used to it after almost 3 years, but going to bed alone still bothers me.
ME: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sure you’ll find the right someone when the time is right.
TG: I know, but I want what I want and I want it now. Lol!
ME: Lol I wish it were that easy. Lord knows I want what I want immediately, but it never quite works out that way.
TG: Well, yeah… You’re still 3 hours away… Aren’t you? 🙂 Oops…. did I say that outloud? 🙂

She’s cute, and coy and so very blunt.  I’m loving it.

What makes it so much more interesting on my end is that while her and I are flirting via text, Mister is reading all these texts and getting so turned on.  I don’t ever remember him getting so hard.  So, my text-flirting is multi-purposed, it turns us both on.

Score one for Texting with the Girl.