TWTG: Things I’d Rather Being Doing Other than Work

Time for the next installment of Texting with the Girl.  Let’s just say that we’ve been talking non-stop since Friday.  And it’s been a serious amount of fun.

She’s so full of energy, and really super spunky, and I’m guessing a spitfire in the sheets.

Please note that some of this may be NSFW

TG: Why do you never want to eat the food you have at home, yet no other food sounds appetizing either?
ME: LOL. Yo no se… I do that all the time.
ME: Finally at work… And there’s piles of crap on my desk
TG: Haha. Good, so it’s not just me. Juicy pussy sounds appetizing.
ME: You know… I’m at work, & I see a text like that and I suddenly don’t want to be at work anymore lol
ME: And I agree 🙂
TG: Lol
ME: It’s bad enough I didn’t want to be here in the first place lol
TG: Lol. I was gonna say. I could probably send you a text that says “boo” and you’d still want to leave.
ME: Hahahahaha you’re right, but thinking about juicy pussy is waaaaaay more fun 😉
TG: Oh yeah. I have a juicy pussy and toys to put in it isn’t bad either.
ME: Ooh, you’re really turning me on 😉 I would love to be on the other end of those toys
TG: Well if you were here the toys would just be extra.
ME: Hmm… Yes. There are so many things to do without toys

Needless to say, that conversation went on for much longer giving more details about all the things she’d like to do to me, and the things she’d like fo rme to do to her.

Soooo…. I’m going to remain distracted today.